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ECO Merchant application – Multi-services business solutions for agent

ECO Merchant application was built and developed by Finviet company. This is the application dedicated to the point of sale, provide a range of utility services (telecom, payment, banking, financial, …) form the big units, along with the complete technology ecosystem, ECO has helped store business effectively, save time and increase profits.


  • Easy to order, anytime, anywhere
  • Efficient import & inventory management
  • Access to a diverse source of goods from reputable suppliers
  • Reduce sales costs & risks
  • Get more offers from Suppliers and our Partners

Increase income

Shopkeepers can increase their income by commission up to 20% through provide utility services on the ECO Merchant application. They are phone top-ups, phone card codes, games, data, bill payment and supply provide financial services, etc…

At the same time, Shopkeepers can also increase sales with ECO consumers on ECO system


Buy now, play later

Buy now, pay later applicable to merchants and retailers that purchase goods or services on the ECO Merchant application.

Merchants that meet the conditions and are accepted in accordance with the regulations will be granted a credit limit up to VND 50 million. In particular, no proof of income and property collateral are required.


How to Join


ECO Merchant is available for download from the Appstore and in the Google Play

  1. Search “ECO Merchant” and install the application
  2. If you have already signed up for the latest version of the mobile app, input your username and password to login. If you are a new user, click anywhere in bottom menu or iconto register
  3. Input your phone number and OTP
  4. Fill out your store informations
  5. Finish

Click below links for more informations:

  1. Click ‘Tài khoản’, ‘Xác thực ngay’ and ‘Bắt đầu xác thực’
  2. The Wallet – User Details screen appears, enter the relevant information.
  3. Click ‘Hoàn thành’ to confirm the user details
  4. The success message with the ‘We are reviewing your profile’. Click ‘OK’ to explore the wallet and wait for ECO to get back to you
  5. Click ‘Tài khoản‘ to view the processing status of your application
  6. Profiles with a green tick are ones where ECO has verified that the profile is the actual profile.

Click here for more details Documentation and Video clip

  1. Select the item you want to buy
  2. Fill out shipping address, enter voucher (if available)
  3. Select delivery method
  4. Select payment method
  5. Make payment

Click here for more details Documentation and Video clip